This is a blog for me to talk about zombie related survival situations. I am not an expert in this field; no one really is, but myself especially. I get really hyped up on survival situations, and a lot of what I talk about really isn't geared specifically towards zombies, but that is certainly the general theme. Call me crazy, or take this in good fun. I'm not too worried either way. Feel free to share!


To all of you that still follow this blog, thank you so much.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve updated, but my life has been going through a pretty serious amount of change over the last several months, and my attention has been anywhere but this blog.

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been at a job that is very physically demanding, and it’s exactly the training I’ve been needing to reach my desired level of fitness. I can lift, push, and pull considerably more weight, and I can’t state enough how important that ability is. My upper arms have really developed, and I’m proud to say that I am much more likely to fend off a member of the undead if put into that situation.

Getting to this level of fitness is no easy task, and I’m beginning to understand just what it takes to do that. My experience has shown just how valuable it is to reach that level long before the undead ever arrive. The amount of calories and protein you need in order to train are nothing you would ever find when you’re scavenging for food in a post-apocalyptic world, and reaching your fitness goal without it is impossible.

A lot of time goes into training as well, and that is not time that you can waste while running for your life. It took me at least 4 months before my fitness peaked, and four months is a lot longer than some little weakling is going to survive. For all of you preppers, I highly suggest starting before it’s too late. Your chances of survival sky-rocket when you have the physical strength to carry all of your equipment while wrestling with the dead weight of a zombie that wants nothing more than to tear right into your flesh.

Of course, I believe that no single workout routine will work for everyone, so I encourage you all to find your own. A balanced workout is essential, and muscle building is just as important as cardio. Practice steady breathing while you run, and remember that stamina is your friend, so push yourself to the limits.

You may want to start by testing your own strength and endurance, and record your findings. When you revisit those numbers in a few months, I guarantee that you’ll feel amazing about how far you’ve come!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been around to update this, so now’s the time!

I’ve been working a rather labor intensive job for the last couple of months, and I have finally found a way to get incredibly fit in a way that really benefits me.

That means, I can start seriously considering entering Run For Your Lives and other marathons. I look forward to these kinds of experiences because fitness is really my number one priority when preparing to escape the undead. You never know when endurance can mean the end or your survival. I believe you should always be prepared for the worst outcome. If you can handle the worst, then you can handle anything.

The one thing this job has really brought to my attention is the need for heavy duty gloves. They can save you so much grief, and are great protection for survival tool #1. My hands would be long past destroyed by now, and I can only imagine how bad it could get when you’re fighting for your life day in and day out.

My pack will forever include a pair of decent work gloves, and I highly suggest you include it in yours.

Clothing types for the Post-Apocolyptic Era

If and when this phenomenon occurs and we are delved into a post-apocalyptic world, the type of clothing you choose to bring along can have a huge impact.

One concern in this new way of living is the issue of fire. We often see imagery of fiery death and destruction following our undead foes. But how does this affect your attire?

The clothing you wear will react differently to fire and heat depending on the materials you choose. When polyester and other plastic based fabrics catch fire, they melt. This reaction can have dire effects if the fabric in question is melted while being worn. The fabric will fuse and melt to the skin and cause serious burns that can cause severe pain and deformation.

Natural fabrics burn rather than melt, so by choosing to clothe yourself in natural fabrics, you are avoiding unnecessary danger and giving yourself a leg up in the game of survival.

This small decision can mean huge things if you ever get caught in the hellfire of zombie battle. Losing the use of an arm or a leg from severe burns could spell imminent death for you, so choose your gear wisely.

As always, I wish you luck on your preparations for whatever disaster may come. Stay safe, stay alive.

Let’s talk about preparedness in the work place!

We all have a variety of job, but for now, we’ll just cover mine; the office. In an office space, there doesn’t appear to be much there at first glance. One major plus to offices is that they are usually multiple stories, which is good news for survivalists. While the food stock may leave much to be desired, it still will likely contain refrigerators stocked with some food, and vending machines. These food sources could be incredibly useful to your survival.

Why choose an office space? A ways back I talked about safe locations to stay during an apocalypse. Offices are quite desirable for safety due to their undesirable nature to a population in panic. While hoards of panicked people will be making their way to the nearest police station or hospital, the offices will empty, leaving stories of unoccupied, zombie-free hideouts. Of course, I implore you to choose offices that are on the edges of the city rather than dead center. This will add itself to an easier escape plan later on.

Unfortunately for me, my office is in a one story building. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t have fortification. One of the best tools you have at hand is the desks. They can create a wonderful barricade, and they’re never in short supply. If you also happen to be in a multilevel office building, the desks can act as a compounding force. That “just in case” barricade.

In an office, you also must look at the supply closets. A surprising amount can be found in a supply closet that you wouldn’t expect to use, ever. First, the rubberbands. Rubberbands have such a huge list of uses, especially for survival techniques. Markers and sharpies can also be of use to you. The paper, pens, and markers can be used to create maps, write down important information or directions, and so much more. The paper also doubles as kindling for fire. Many areas of the country are sure to be cold, and getting stuck out in the frigid night could lead to possible death. When the power goes out, inside won’t be much better. The kindling could save your life.

Next, the janitors closet. Cleaning supplies are, for sure, your friend. Zombies bring a lot of blood and gore when they come around, and living in that filth could kill you. Leaving messes to rot and mold brings sickness. Something to keep your temporary living space clean will be a godsend. Maintenance closets can also bring you lots of tools, and having tools will make you a useful asset in any survival group. The ability to dismantle and to fix things is a luxury that post-apocalyptic citizens would kill for.

The last thing you’ll want to remember with office spaces is that an exit strategy must ALWAYS exist, and always look for items that can be used as weapons no matter their absurdity.

To all of you, I hope this helps you on your road to the perfect post-apocalyptic plan, and good luck.

As many of you have probably noticed, I haven’t been able to post much on here lately. I do plan to remedy that soon, but, in the meantime, if there are any topics you’d be interested in seeing or you have any questions, feel free to ask!

hrokr asked
Do you place any considerations for 'entertainment' during the apocalypse? I understand that time would probably be spent building defenses and finding food but assuming you were in a group and had some downtime from your shift (or something else, etc) do you plan to bring a book or a game?

I definitely believe very little time would be available for entertainment for exactly the reasons you stated, however, bringing along simple forms of entertainment is certainly worth it to keep up the quality of life. Too many books is discouraged only because of the sheer weight, but a deck of cards is a great idea as well. Games we knew as kids are equally as helpful. Maybe a pocket sized chess/checkers game, string for string games, or even something like a Kendama to occupy your time.
Small games like these may seem silly, but you’ll appreciate having them when you find yourself hiding in an abandoned building trying to fend of boredom.

Post-apocalypse, finding food will be a large part of your survival. While you may not be thinking about which foods to avoid, but which foods you pick up in an abandoned grocery stores can actually be really important.

First, you want to avoid anything that is way past its expiration date. That’s a given.

Next, you want to consider what food is going to be the most calorie-filled options. Any food designed to have limited calories for diets is something to avoid. When surviving in the apocalypse, a diet and fewer calories is that last thing you want to be thinking about.

You also want to avoid high-calorie foods that are very unhealthy in high quantities. Surviving on a high-sodium diet is bad for your health, and health is one of the most important factors of survival. When there are questionable chemicals in the food, limit your intake. This means you have to be familiar with what these chemicals are. Stuff like Aspartame or Phenylalanine are just a couple of scary chemicals you’ll want to take in very little of.

You may also be considering energy drinks in your diet. These should also be limited, but keep in mind which would be best for carrying. They WILL be cumbersome, so you won’t want to carry a ton, but stuff like 5 hour energy (PLEASE limit your intake on these. Too many and the effects become scary) or even Monster energy drink would be options to look into. Normally I wouldn’t suggest Monster (or energy drinks at all for that matter) but Monster does not expire.


Thanks for visiting the Monster website.

Our products do not contain an expiration code. They have a production or born on date.

The first letter represents the month product was made A- L represent Jan - Dec., first #represents year of manufacture, next two #&#39s represent day of manufacture, next letter represents manufacturing facility and last 4 digits represent the military time.

Monster Energy does not expire. They are fine as long as the cans are not compromised in any way.

We thank you for your e-mail.

Monster Energy Company

Because there is no expiration date, the worry of them “going bad” is taken away, and makes them the most ideal for consumption for years to come.

As I said, foods with higher calories are more ideal for what you want to pick up. You may be tempted to go on a food frenzy when you find yourself in a decently stocked grocery store, but you must remember that too much food becomes too heavy or takes up too much space. A little research is necessary here, but it’s well worth it.

Hopefully, with just a few of these tips, you’ll be a bit better equipped to raid food stores in the coming apocalypse. I always encourage you all to do your own research, and never take just my word on it, but I do hope that I can help you prepare!

Anonymous asked
I just realized that if there were a zombie outbreak in Australia they would be pretty screwed since they have gun laws, how would they get by?

There is no rule at all that says you need a gun to survive. One thing I’ve tried to do with this blog is focus on areas of survival that do not require any firearms.
In fact, in most situations, avoiding guns is the ideal plan. Guns make a lot of noise, attracting zombies for miles. They are also loaded with a limited resource. Most firearms require specific ammunition as well, which means any ammunition you find lying around will not be adequate. Ammunition can also become cumbersome if you have too much.
All in all, Australia is fine, and any individual without guns will still be able to protect themselves from a zombie outbreak.

I find it really exciting that, even when I’m not updating this blog as much as I’d like, that it’s still being used by so many of you. Sharing information like this is my absolute favorite thing. I don’t think I can put enough emphasis on how much I truly believe in constantly obtaining more knowledge about survival and finding allies that do the same.

I’ve outlined before the list of jobs that need to be covered in your team, and I’ve touched here and there on things you should be reading up on for your survival, but there’s always so much to discuss with these topics.

When reading up on survival, and finding members of your team, the knowledge and skills you’re covering is a wide range. You need to be able to cover working knowledge of plants for food, plants for medicine, plants to avoid, making shelter for various seasons, how to use weapons, how to maintain weapons, how to make weapons, reading maps, making maps, keeping accurate records, treating wounds, treating illness, monitoring health of your entire team, making plans, coordinating plans, defending yourself, defending others, and so so so much more.

The role of the Leader is to gather a team that can accomplish all of the necessities. The Leader must gather the team, guide them to survival, and maintain order within the group.

When a Leader cannot fulfill their role, it leads to imminent failure. When the team becomes unhappy, or is put in danger, they will all look to the Leader to fix the problem, and, if they cannot fix the problem, the team will find their own way to fix the problem, likely not ending well for the Leader.

The Leader must also have working knowledge of the areas in which the group is living. If the survival plan involves moving to another region different from their own, it is their duty to have knowledge of every environment in which the group will be traveling to ensure the safety of the team. It is also the duty of the Leader to listen to the team. The team is its own government, and all decisions should not be entrusted to a single person. The goal is to run as a democracy rather than a dictatorship. To those who find themselves in such a dictatorship, it’s important that you remove yourself from that situation as quickly as possible. While facing the undead seems like a scary and challenging experience, you’re not avoiding violence by staying in a group with authority that dares not be questioned.

When designing plans, consulting your team is a great way to go. Everyone has different perspectives to add, which means different ways to view situations you might be putting your group into. The various knowledge each person has in different areas of expertise can guide your group down the best possible path. You may think leading the group down one path is best because it’s not a likely spot to run into walkers, but your Botanist might notice that it’s a spot where a certain poisonous plant covers everything. This vital piece of knowledge can cause you to rethink your plans and avoid a disastrous situation.

The role of the Leader is not one to be taken lightly and requires much planning and preparation to accomplish. I hope that all of you keep this in mind in your survival efforts, and hopefully you can add more on your personal list of duties that you see fit for a Leader to control.



Since I’ve recently talked about MRE’s, and how bad they can be for you, this is a really great option that’s even less expensive and won’t have adverse effects on your system.







Since I’ve recently talked about MRE’s, and how bad they can be for you, this is a really great option that’s even less expensive and won’t have adverse effects on your system.